Can you upgrade a $100 MacBook Pro to use in 2019?

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In today’s video we’re going to upgrade a 2008 MacBook Pro to see if we can still use it in 2019. This early 2008 MacBook Pro was under $100, but with just a few dollars in upgrades to the RAM and SSD we can make a budget MacBook that is still usable in 2019, 11 years after it was made!
Here’s the SSD I used in the video:

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34 thoughts on “Can you upgrade a $100 MacBook Pro to use in 2019?

  1. Well I'll be, the wifi cards in some of these older devices, which have been unsupported since the Sierra patchers from almost 3 years ago, have been fixed! Literally since I filmed this video a few days ago there is no longer a mention of unsupported wifi on these older MBPs! Also, if you like the wallpaper, here's a link to full 5K desktop, as well as iPad and iPhone versions of it:

  2. I like your videos, really informative , now we are lockdown I got my late 2008 MacBook 2.4ghz out of storage, it was last used mid 2015, today I am installing a 500mb ssd, hopefully it will give it a boost.

  3. I use to have the 17' model of this laptop. I always liked the way it looked more then the Unibody ones, Loved the slim bezels and the sleek look, They were dent prone however, Never had the graphic issues but I sold mine in 2011

  4. My brother in law passed me his mid 2008 Macbook. I switched to a SSD, pumped to 8 Gb of RAM, clean up and new thermal paste, and it rocks! Even play some light games, this machines are awesome. The downside was battery, only like 3 hours max.

  5. Eh, logicboards for the 2007-2008 MacBook Pros are not cheap as you say. People are asking over $100 for them (more than the price of an entire used MacBook Pro), and boards which claim to have the "fixed" GPU are charging $200-$400. Crazy!

  6. My related 2005 PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz.15" is unbeatable for STREAMING AUDIO

    I have 37 FM stations picked out from iTunes

    Jazz, Blues, Classical and Space Music

    News radio….

    Similar but different stations via RealPlayer SP

    Powering my 1990s Altec-Lansing ACS41s and ACS250 subwoofer…
    75 watts total

    40Hz. to 43Khz.

    Streaming audio on YouTube is also excellent,

    Closed End movies are also fine.


  7. My 12/2007 MBP 2.6 5 works just fine for MY needs….

    Streaming pirated movies and auto racing world, wide.

    OS 10.10 Yosemite and 10.9 Mavericks

    4GB RAM from my parts box

    160GB 7200 rpm drive from my parts hoard.

    a later 2008 SuperDrive Optical DVD-RW for DL disks.

    Built up from two parts donors found on eBay fr under $60

    No WiFi issues at all…

    With my AT&T Pro DSL and Buffalo Wifi router..

    I HAVE a dead Late 2008 MBP 15 I got for $5 plus $16 shipping…

    IT will sit until the Chinese virus goes away….

    IF another comes along on the cheap


    I also have a Mid- 2007 WMB 2.1 ht works fine.

    Another WMB 2.0 with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS inside.


    A $15 ppd. 2005 PowerBook G4 1.5 15 that works well with 10.5 Leopard

    and WebKit 10.5/Safari …. few PPC Luddite bits

    A little slow, but fine for free movies on YouTube


    2006 -2012 MacBooks can be FIXED!

    Apple INC. Cupertino calls ME a TAMPERER!




    THINK Leo de Caprio's Catch Me If You Can

    One page ahead of the class

    Watching Perry Mason




  8. Excellent video.I picked up one of these laptops today with bad graphics(black screen), I have fixed that issue and have gotten as far as installing os x 10.8.5.I am trying to install el capitan os x but have failed numerous times.
    I am using transmac. I am only able to see my usb when it is a mountain lion iso .When i try to do the el capitan dmg upgrade it says that the dmg has been tampered with to redownload from app store. If i reboot and press options button my usb is not detected. Do i have to install and upgrade the osx one at a time ? mountain lion to mavericks to yosemite to el capitan?
    I have the same exact laptop and specs. I have 4gb of ram and a 256ssd installed on mine.

  9. What can be done to upgrade to a graphics card this MacBook Pro can handle? I have the same type of old MacBook Pro (haven’t checked the year) and it’s just sitting next to an cpu. I just discovered your channel yesterday, and I am hooked by your builds! Great video and content!

  10. I have that Mac book pro and it is stock. I was thinking about upgrading to a new MacBook Pro 13 but also thinking about updating this one just to use. What do you think?

  11. I have a 2.4 ghz 2007 15 inch MBP in poor shape and a 2.0 ghz 2008 15 MBP in good shape. Would it be possible or worthwhile to put the 2007 logic board into the 2008 chassis? BTW, love your channel.

  12. The OS no longer gets updates. Its unsecure. Install Linux on it and not only will it be secure again but it will run faster.

  13. Just a note: From a 2020 standpoint this is a bad advice to buy today, because ElCapitan does not get security updates since lifecycle end. Even installing linux on this machine is really a hassle, because the driver for the G84M got stripped from many distribution since kernel 5.4 and even nvidia is going to end 340xx soon. So I would really advice anyone hitting this video today to get a newer machine where you can run at least HighSierra (i think, which will hit lifecycle end in Nov.2020) or better get a machine which is supported with mojave, you will get more out of your budget acquisition in my opinion that way. Yours, Peter.

  14. Hello everybody, I have one of these laying around at my parents house, but it does have the faulty GPU, hence why its laying around, is there any way to disable that stupid GPU in a hardware manner, e.g. pulling a cable when I open it? thanks to anyone who answers as I'm kind of a noob to repairing all this stuff myself. 🙂

  15. "For a few dollars". SSDs start at around $40-50. Nevertheless a good and helpful video. We bought both our daughters a used MacBook Pro for about $200 each. It got to the point where they were noticeably slow and they supposedly couldn't upgrade the OS.

  16. Yes, immaculate MacBook Pro duo core 2006, 2g ram, 80g hd. Has the original charger as well. Display is bright and clear, all parts still work. Has 10.6.8 os

  17. I only just upgraded from 2011 pro to 2019 air a couple months ago, and the 2011 is still very usable.

  18. Shit I have an early 2008 15" I still use to this day. It is running catalina 10.15.3 with no problem with a samsung 250gb ssd, 2.5ghz cpu, 6gb of ram, etc. Also not a single issue ever out of my 8600gt 512mb

  19. I have a MacBook that is over 15 years old and the last software upgrade I did on it was to Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard 🐆, it still works but the battery is dead. I might see if I can bring my MacBook back to life.

  20. My 12/2007 MBP 15 2.6 cost me all of $60 ppd. on eBay

    Works GREAT with 10.9.5 Mavericks

    10.10 is Ok….

    So is 10.6…


  21. Battery swollen on mine exactly like this. Still sitting. Now you are giving me a nudge to open her up and bring back to life. Thank you

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