Best Laptop Stand 2020 For Mac – Rain Design mStand Review

Rain Design mStand –
3M Adjustable Monitor Stand –

Is the Rain Design mStand the best laptop stand for the a macbook laptop computer in 2019? Here is my review for the Rain Design mStand Review and


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13 thoughts on “Best Laptop Stand 2020 For Mac – Rain Design mStand Review

  1. Seems like the mstand kind of rocks/wobbles a bit? Or was that just due to your table having an imperfect surface?

  2. wow i really like your quality of video. truly amazing. wonderful review.

  3. Ah man Javier! I can't spend any more money! Haha! Hope all is good! ☮️🖖🏽🤠👍🏽☮️

  4. I like to run three external monitors off my MacBook Pro, and keep the MacBook closed to get a boost to CPU. I like the Twelve South Book Arc for this. Pretty stylish, and since I used to live in Charleston I like to support a former “local” company.

  5. Daammnnn. This looks dope. My girl could totally use this stand. 🤔. Broo and the background on this vid!! 🙌🏽👍🏽. “Doodads” and “knickknacks”. Haha 🤔.


  7. That’s a nice room and set up you have. Was thinking about getting a similar stand like that but they won’t ship to Thailand. 😁

  8. Laptop Reviews – the thing you never think about after you get one but probably think about all the time until you get one.

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