Best Accessories for the MacBook Pro in 2019!!

These are the best accessories for the MacBook pro in 2019.

Ghost Cover:
Vankyo Hub:
Magnetic Cable:


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My Gear:
1. Canon 70D:
2. Panasonic G7:
3. Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 Lens:
4. Blue Yeti Microphone:
5. Rode Video Micro:
6. 2015 iMac:
7. Bose QC25 Headphones:
8. Divoom Timebox Speaker:
9. Limo Studio Lamps:


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20 thoughts on “Best Accessories for the MacBook Pro in 2019!!

  1. Hello, Please kindly share the beautiful wallpaper you used at 0.40 time . I would like to have that in my iphone 😊

  2. i like the macsafe thingy, but i found a smaller one, since i dont need the cable.

  3. I just got my MacBook Pro two days ago an upgrade from my 2016 MacBook Air my favorite accessory is the USB to lighting cabel so I can charge my phone . Haha

  4. Dongles are for people who can’t prioritise.. same sort who moan about MacBooks not having all manner of gaudy and redundant inbuilt archaic ports and sockets.

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