Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15" (2015) – 5 Years Later (Still the BEST MacBook?)

MacBook Pro 15-inch in 2019? Is it still usable? Upgrade to 16-inch?
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20 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15" (2015) – 5 Years Later (Still the BEST MacBook?)

  1. Thanks for the info! I just down graded from the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2016 512gb to the mid 2015 15inch MacBook Pro dual graphics and I’m loving it!

  2. Yes, it is still much better than the toys they released in 2016-2018. Great ports, great keyboard, great 99.5Wh battery, Magsafe, glowing Apple logo and often very similar performance in benchmarks. The new 16" is great again, but not necessary for everyone at the moment. I bought a 2015 MBP with dGPU last week (with new screen and battery)! Killer PRO machine!

  3. Best macbook you can buy!!!get eGPU for it for 500$ and it becomes more powerfull than the newest one for 6000$ 😂!!! Backlit logo magsafe usb ports sd slots repairable internals high wuality keyboard etc!!! Best of the best macks!!!! EGPU solves performance issue!!! Period!!! Go mine used under 1000$!!!!

  4. u can upgrade the storage dude ! Samsung evo 970 1tb works great in my macbook. plenty of tutorials online for it – see ifixit ssd replacement

  5. I have the top of the line 2015 (2.8GHz i7, 1TB SSD, etc.) and it's great! You like a clean desktop – you know you can even hide the menu bar, right? The screen would be brighter if you plugged it in and you took off the protecter.

  6. Did you have any apple care on this laptop? I’m waiting for the next year’s re-design and I’m wondering whether I should get apple care along with it..

  7. What a fantastic vid!Do you feel interested in testing our microphone?That is a kind of microphones which is suitable for youtubers:)

  8. Definitely my wife is jealous because I have ports and I have the glowing apple🙌🏾🤷🏽‍♀️ I'm not upgrading.

  9. well it has memory card reader, HDMI, USB-A ports, MagSafe, a good keyboard and a glowing apple logo. IT IS STILL THE BEST SIR

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