Apple MacBook Pro Early 2011 Intel Core i5 (2019 Review)

Within this video we look at how the Early 2011 MacBook Pro holds up to the standards of today (2019) through looking at the offerings of the computer’s hardware to the applications that can be ran.
Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz (2410M)
Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 512MB of memory
16GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
13.3 inch 1280 x 800
525GB Crucial MX300 SSD
macOS High Sierra

Note: macOS Mojave and newer are Not officially be supported on this machine.

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34 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro Early 2011 Intel Core i5 (2019 Review)

  1. Very cool, I got the mid 2012 version of this MacBook and love it. Made the same upgrades you did 😂 It runs very well for it being 8 years old

  2. The only thing to remember is that many – many of the 2011 13 and 15” have gpu issues and they can fail at anytime% and they cannot be fixed easily, if at all. I’d absolutely try for a2012 model if you can.

  3. I just picked up a early 2011 MBP (mostly for MBP-owning purposes) in March 2020. It arrived with 4GB RAM and a 320GB HD. After fighting w/Internet Recovery (wouldn't install Lion), I was able to create a Mountain Lion USB install and decided to go the full unsupported Catalina route. The installed config ran horribly. I upgraded the RAM to 8GB and replaced the HDD with a SSD. Now running High Sierra like a champ!!! MS office apps run fine (there is a pause when opening, but I think that's because of OneDrive). Currently my daily driver.

  4. My son left me this same model. I think he upgraded the hard drive, unless it came with 300 gigs. I plan on upgrading to 16 gigs memory so I can run photoshopped as well.

  5. I ended up rescuing one of these, which was going to be taken apart by a disabled group where I go to. I took analysis of the item, and discovered that it only needed a good clean out, a new hard drive, and a new battery. I decided to fix it, and am in the process of adding a new hard drive, battery and 16GB of RAM. Thankfully I can get these for relatively cheap from eBay and Amazon. So it's worth while in the end.

  6. I brought one today but soo slow and the guy has cleared everything. It’s an early 2011 13inch MacBook 500gb and 8gb of ram with intel i5

    I have no idea how to improve The OS has high Sierra as cannot go any higher

  7. I have a question/would love some opinions! So I’ll preface with I am NOT technologically knowledgeable and don’t know the lingo. I have this MacBook and was finally going to upgrade to the 2019 Pro, but I’m super disappointed with the keyboard.

    So- my computer is in great condition, the only problem is it’s SLOW now. I will wait 10 mins for word to open and if I switch to chrome then back to word, wait another 10 mins for everything to unfreeze. my question is, how do I know if this is my computer just giving out, or maybe an issue that can be remedied so I can hold out til they get rid of the butterfly keyboard?

    Thanks in advance. (I know you’re not the Apple store I just would love some advice from someone not trying to sell me a computer).

  8. Thank you very much for this update. I am planning to install 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD hard drive on mine.

  9. I have the exact same computer with i5, SSD and 8 gigs ram (4&4). Debating upgrading to a 2017 MacBook Air. Do you think the 2017 MBA would handle video editing any better ? My main issue is the fans get so damn loud when I'm editing.

  10. Is this laptop good for programmer like to working on project I.e machine learning AI , graphics designer

  11. I am having the same one. Upgraded yo SSD. Works better than most other previous gen machines, even my lenovo y510p i7

  12. Repaired and upgraded a early 2011, 15" i7 (2.0GHz) w/higher res screen about two years ago and the client never came back after leaving 3 voicemails and messages so now i use it here and there (like i am right now lol). I have a 2013 Yoga 2 Pro with the 4K screen as my personal/work laptop which i LOVE.. but! its simply more pleasant to use macOS on a laptop LOL. I've always had a MacBook as a second laptop, gotta know whats up on the other side and there great machines when they don't break.

    Other notes; Added an SSD and 8GB ram, which btw you need to make sure you clean the ram contacts with isopropyl alcohol as the logic board doesn't have the best contact for the ram if its not even visibly dirty. The ones with discrete graphics had a serious issue that didn't account for GPU temps (like the one im using now that i repaired) so if the machine was using just the GPU and not the CPU it wouldn't ramp up the fans or even throttle the GPU so it would literally unsolder itself from the heat (most likely heat expansion of the actual parts pulls the solder apart). Either way, a proper reflow and most importantly very high quality thermal paste for just the GPU and good stuff for the CPU as you would like it to still ramp up the fans but also keep the GPU cool with high end paste. Another upgrade i would suggest is taking out the optical drive and adding another HDD or SSD, you can get adaptors/caddies for $8USD.

  13. Still using this along with a 2011 i7 27'' iMac. They both work great after 8+ years, they are far the most used and most long lived computers I have ever owned. Looking to get a new 21.5 iMac as soon as the design is changed. Love these machines for daily drivers!

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