Apple MacBook Pro 2012 13 inch Specs – Refurbished MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A – A1278 Specs

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2.5GHz i5:
2.9GHz i5

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This Mac is extremely popular among graphic designers, video editors, and working professionals.

– Disk Drive
– SD Card slot
– (2) USB 3.0
– (1) Thunderbolt
– Firewire
– Ethernet
– 3.5mm Headphone Jack
– Magsafe charger port

Dual core processors

– i5 2.5 GHz
– i7 2.9 GHz

Hard Drive:
i5 2.5 GHz model: 500 GB Hard Drive standard,
i7 2.9 GHZ model: 750 GB Hard Drive standard
Both are customizable up to 4 TB SSD.

This MacBook Pro features a multi-gesture trackpad.

Apple estimates that this model’s battery holds charge for 9 hours. However our testing indicates in real world applications, 2-4 hours is a more realistic estimate.

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8 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro 2012 13 inch Specs – Refurbished MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A – A1278 Specs

  1. if i get my macbook 2012 refurbished can i be able to upgrade my garageband to the newest version at least to 2015 because im a recording artist and i dot have enough $ for a mackbook 2016

  2. I bought mine on Dec 2019, got it in pristine condition. I am very happy with my product, I proceeded to upgrade to 16gb or Ram and replace the HDD with a 500gb SSD, I spent less than 500 total for an outstanding machine. Keep in mind that I do not use it for heavy video editing or anything, just light video editing (works perfectly, no lag), photo editing, an office work. I say it again, I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT.

  3. My cousin is giving me her 2012 still not 100% sure if this is the actual model 🤯 but it’s nice to see this review. Im desperate for a computer. I have a ssd and ram I can always add to it. Do you think a 15inch macbook battery could fit in this model?! I doubt it but I have a brand new one from my old macbook!

  4. Can some one tell me what RAMs fit this Macbook? A1278. Want 2 x 8gb for 16 total.but becomes a ballache when i find similar mathing ones heres sone much confusing o reviews and repotts etc

  5. lol, try almost 2020, my refurbished 13" Non-retina Pro will be arriving in another week after I got it on BlackFriday sale

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