Apple MacBook Pro 13" with SSD (Early 2011): Unboxing and Demo

Apple updated the MacBook Pros on February 24th, 2011. In this video I unbox and demonstrate the 13″ model equipped with the optional SSD.

BTO Model Number: Z0LY
CPU: 2.3 i5 Dual Core
SSD: 128GB

Standard Price: $1199
Price as Ordered: $1449

Tech Specs:
Geekbench Scores:

Ping: Michael Kukielka
GameCenter: DetroitBORG


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47 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro 13" with SSD (Early 2011): Unboxing and Demo

  1. It’s like I’m nostalgic for something I couldn’t afford because I was poor. Now, Apple isn’t that good ☹️

  2. I have this macbook, my family was too poor to buy a newer one, and now it's cracked, theres no enter button, it's SOOOOO EXTREMELY SLOOOOWWWW, and it glitches every 3 seconds. Not to mention, the little apple on the back is cracked. GREEEEAT computer.

  3. I love this gadget… i still have this 2011 model and still useable. Adding to that his sister macbook air 2017.

  4. Now I realise why the two clips were given in my charger, I thought they were for hañging the charger lol, this is very useful lololololol, I just realised it, in am such an idiot, now I will use this feature, goddamnit apple, why not a guide for the charger also lol

  5. Well, lucky for me, I found a Apple MacBook Pro (Early 2011) which was going to be taken apart by my local disability group. I took it onto myself to repair and restore the system for my own use. All it needed was a bit of a clean up to clear out the dust, a new battery and hard drive, and an upgrade to 16GB RAM, and its in good condition. Luckily I saved the device from a fate worse than death!

  6. i buy this laptop in 29-sep-2019 and it still look sexy and work like a beast i buy this laptop around 42000rs (350$)

  7. I like the old look of Mac OS so much better. The depth and skeuomorphic look seems so much more modern than the flat pastel theme. It looks nice, but it doesn’t have that pizazz

  8. i’m getting my first macbook and this seems like the best. it’s cheap, easy, and basically the same as the newer versions but made in 2011

  9. Very nice review, will be purchasing my first Macbook bought with my own money so I'm very excited even though it's not one of the newer models. Two thumbs up for your video, very detailed!

  10. Was thinking about getting one of these because I don’t have the money for a new one; but still want a MacBook. Would buying a refurbished one be worth it at all?

    Or is it a gamble? Are amazon refurbished sellers worth it?

    An old video but a good one! Keep up the good work!

  11. What do you guys think of buying a 13 inch macbook pro these days? and what is the difference ssd?

  12. Still have mine in 2019 🙂 They only problem is the battery is bulging and is probably gonna crack the track pad soon, so I gotta replace it

  13. Watching in 2018 because I’m buying this as a upgrade from my 2008 MacBook Pro to this A1278 ( in the video ) I’ve found on eBay fully loaded with all of adobe programs, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft, etc… so for the price I paid I’m more then happy I came across this laptop

  14. I love watching all your content Mike and still use my 2012 13-inch MBP with upgraded RAM and SSD.. You look better without hair.

  15. just bought this used off of someone, excited to get it! i want it purely for web browsing like internet shopping etc, playing music, watching YouTube and Netflix and writing up eassy’s on… It’s 8gb, will it be ok for all the things I intend to use it for? 🙂

  16. You said that the MacBook Pro is the only one, that have the backlit keys. You said that the MacBook Air do not. That is not true. I have a MacBook Air 2008, and it has backlit keys

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