Apple MacBook Pro 13" (2016): Unboxing & Review

In-depth unboxing and review of the all-new Late 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro in Space Gray. Includes a comparison to the previous MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Stay tuned for the review off 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar and Touch ID.


Specs as Tested – $1,499:
CPU: Core i5 Dual 2.0Ghz
GPU: Intel Iris Graphics 540
RAM: 8GB 1866MHZ
Storage: 256GB PCIe







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23 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro 13" (2016): Unboxing & Review

  1. i really wasnt expecting such a good computer but it is great!ꉺ.ꉺ>JustU.Faith/Mac-Pro?基 its like new, it has no problems whatsoever love it

  2. Would the base MacBook Pro here be just as good as the MacBook Air 2018 cause I’m wondering which one to get, tbh I’m mostly into it’s exterior but would they still be generally the same speed?

  3. My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.

  4. Why no one talk about the rattling noise that lot of Macbook make. Check on internet, I bought mine 1 year ago and it's already making this horrible sound when you move it. Apple says : it's ok, it's normal

  5. It’s not that bad… overpriced yes. Lack of ports yes. Keyboard issues yes. But i cant really think of anything else and im pretty sure this laptop is only to catch up right now and apple will soon release laptops that will lead the pack! Not a fanboy just like their products but i still have faith

  6. if u are from egypt you can apply one from Souq for more info
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  7. I'm getting my first mac book for school, I'm going to get the i5 model with 256ssd. Is the touch bar worth the extra money ??

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