Apple 13" MacBook Pro Retina: Unboxing & Demo (Late 2013)

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A detailed unboxing & demo of Apple’s late 2013 13″ MacBook Pro which features a beautiful 2560 x 1600 Retina Display, an Intel Haswell i5 2.4 GHz CPU, Iris Graphics and faster PCIe based Flash Storage (SSD).

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2013 MacBook Pro Pricing & Configurations:

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39 thoughts on “Apple 13" MacBook Pro Retina: Unboxing & Demo (Late 2013)

  1. Overall a fantastic purchase! I switched over from PC and couldn't be happier.ꉺ.ꉺ>JustU.Faith/Mac-Pro?富     It was a great price, arrived brand new and shipped really quickly. The price was a bonus as well!!!

  2. If I can find it, I think I have an envelope with apple stickers from every single product I have purchased. That includes an iPad, several iPhones over the years, and this MacBook Pro which I am sending the comment from lol. Love collecting them weirdly.

  3. It is December 23 2019. I'm still using this which I bought at Best buy December 2013. 🙂 Except for the speakers, everything else is just perfect!.

  4. I actually have a 2014 MacBook pro that I'm currently still using don't really have a reason to upgrade to the newest ones even though there pretty damn expensive 😑

  5. Well it is 2019 and i am still using mine, that says a lot about apple products. They are, super expensive. However, they last forever

  6. Would this be okay for photo and video editing? I don't want to spend too much money on a new laptop but I also want the USB so?

  7. Hi Jonathan, i have a Late 2013 iMac & my question is, would it be a good to trade my iMac for this Macbook Pro? Im looking for a macbook to carry around with me. Also is it good for video editing?

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