#262 – Macbook Retina A1502 – no turn on

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▶ Boardviews and/or schematics? Check out Google; try search for something like ‘820-00165 boardview badcaps.net’
▶ I use suppliers such as Element14, Farnell, Digikey, Mouser, RS, AliExpress and eBay and a LOT of searching/checking. Undertake your own due dilligence.

▶ YES – I can do custom programming variations of my software to suit your equipment but it will be expensive (certainly no less than $1k USD) because it takes longer than expected and there’s always “just one more change”.
▶ NO – I do not offer training or jobs
▶ NO – I really cannot answer service/diagnostics questions
▶ NO – I do not do paid reviews; you can send stuff but I cannot guarantee I’ll use or like what you send.

▶ Hot air settings: 8mm straight nozzle, 450’C @ 110lpm for laptops, 420’C @ 50lpm for phones ( YOUR environment, method and equipment will be different, so your values will be different )
▶ Soldering iron temperature: 400’C on Hakko FX951 with JS02 tip using 0.015″ 63/37 kester solder

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19 thoughts on “#262 – Macbook Retina A1502 – no turn on

  1. nice information, i m not a pro but i m trying to fixe also the same model (no power light and no turn on at all), i got a probleme with the battery and i was try to soldering the connector (the 9 little cable connection on the picture) , i think i touch power part together because i forget to take of the plugin of the battery on the mothercard (imagine 12v and 12v it's mean maybe a fuse or maybe something more serious will die) i guess you are too busy but if you have an idea xD (sorry for my bad english) https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/46/4/1573772314-img-2740.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2019-46-5-1573772674-img-2741.jpg

  2. Thanks for nice videos and information, i have same laptop A1502 it's power on when i connect battery and power adapter it's turn on and working fine, but if i remove battery not turning on with power , pls. help me out… Thanks

  3. Nobody explained how it is possible that an apparently not shorted cap would prevent the logicboard to boot… I assume that without that smoothing cap it should have booted anyway perhaps… Could the cap had some resistance to ground even if it seems on a first look to be isolated on one side due to the corrosion? How do you explain that?

  4. First thing first. Take a look at Shawn Woods mouse trap channel. Get rid of the mice.
    I just had a A1502 with the same power up issue. I managed to get the data off it and sent the owner to someone with more experience and microscope (I just need to get hold of one).

  5. Smashing that it didn't take too much time/trouble to fix 😀
    The retainer pin was likely loose anyway, i don't think you did it.
    I find it odd and funny that alsorts of animals used your shed as a dunny, a meeting of the crappers anonimus group perhaps 🙂

  6. JTAG connectors are the appendixes of the Mac, a vestigial organ that once served a purpose but now does more harm than good. Whip 'em out, I say.
    (I have no idea what I'm talking about, please listen to Paul).

  7. Paul your videos are fantastic thanks for sharing, if possible can you do a trouble shooting vid basic level ? Appreciate it

  8. Been working on one of these. Have had to replace 4 resistors so far and it powers on now but won’t boot to OS. Slow progress bar makes to end and sits. Same with usb boot and other ssd. Boots right into diagnostic trackpad works. Any commonalities with something like this?

  9. Just that SMD capacitor was bad and that's all it took – that little bitty piece shut that laptop down – 5 cents for that

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