2020 MacBook Air Buyer's Guide – Which Upgrades to Buy?

Apple has just released their new 2020 MacBook Air! Here’s a guide to which upgrades to buy!
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Which MacBook to buy in 2020? March Update ➡

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Apple’s new 2020 MacBook Air packs new 10th gen Intel processors, with the option of an i7 quad-core for the first time ever!

It also comes with new Intel Iris Plus graphics, better speakers, better microphones, Bluetooth 5, and most importantly, the new Magic keyboard with scissor switch keys!

The prices have gone down this year and the base storage has been upped to 256GB!

This video will serve as a Buyer’s Guide for those looking to buy the new 2020 MacBook Air!

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28 thoughts on “2020 MacBook Air Buyer's Guide – Which Upgrades to Buy?

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    Base 2020 MacBook Air ($999) ➡ https://geni.us/kEce
    Quad-core 512GB SSD ($1300) ➡ https://geni.us/DsXx
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  2. Hey @max tech I have a question. I want the macbook air for a longer time (up to 8 years). Should I get the 16gb ram upgrade? i5 is safe to buy. 1 TB too

  3. Which configuration should I get? The i3, i5 or i7, I don't do any photo editing or heavy work load. Keynote and chrome tabs is everything I use. Thank you, great video!!

  4. i5 8gb with 256gb is it good enough for office use(MS office , photoshop , Illustrator ) ?or should I upgrade to 16gb ram on it ?

  5. Thank you so much for this!!! I ordered the basic model and just canceled it!! I added the better processor!!!

  6. Hey guys, so I’m really confused which MacBook I should buy. I was thinking either MacBook Air AND UPGRADE to i5 + 16gb of ram or basic MacBook Pro model. Both would be the exact same price. Would appreciate your advice guys🙏🏻

  7. So if you just need it for school work and the normal stuff like Netflix you only need to upgrade to quad-core and the rest is fine?

    I am an engineering student. I want a small laptop that I can carry around since I do a lot of researching and studying on it. I also use some programs like Autocad, solid. I do programing on Python too. And I use office programs for homeworks. Thats basically all I do. But I cant decide whether should I get the macbook air or should I look for a stronger Windows device since I cant afford the Pro. Btw I also wanna use the device I buy at least for 5 years so it should age good.

  9. Maxtech: Definitely upgrade to i5 for extra 100 dollars. 2 weeks later: i5 quad core has serious thermal issue.

  10. Can you please suggest me if I should buy a iPad Pro or MacBook Air 2020, and if MacBook Air, I will be taking IT for high school which includes to work on ms office mainly, and I would be also using it to watch videos, movies, browse and probably for backups maximum up to 64 gb so can u please suggest me what storage should I get. I would appreciate if u would take time to help me.

  11. Some patter and stringing a few shots of the Apple site together does not a decent video make. Nor does it disguise the fact that you don’t seem to know your way round computer architecture.

  12. Air upgraded or iMac second entry level faster/ powerful? Just want to do normal online browsing, light photo editing, and sims.

  13. Hi I really want to get the 16gb version, I want to work with XCode making apps someone here that has de 8 or 16 GB model that can tell me how Xcode works in the 8 or 16 GB if 8gb are enough or you can fell the difference with 16 GB

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