2019 16" MacBook Pro vs 2013 MacBook Pro (Long live the king?)

Let’s take a look at the Retina MacBook Pro (Late 2013) vs the new 16″ MacBook Pro (2019).

Purchase 16″ Model:

Both models are the $2,799/2,599 models of their time (not the base spec).

Intro 0:00
Design 0:16
Bezels 0:29
Size and Weight 0:36
Ports 1:00
Touchpad 1:23
Keyboard 1:38
Sound 2:09
Display 2:43
Bootup 3:14
Everyday Performance: 3:44
Hackintosh Comparison Build 4:09
Benchmarks + Temp 4:17
Battery Life 8:06
Fan Noise 8:43
Sidecar 9:06
Conclusion 9:24

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8 thoughts on “2019 16" MacBook Pro vs 2013 MacBook Pro (Long live the king?)

  1. Are the keyboard keys larger on the 16" than the 2013 15"? Because the butterfly keyboard definitely had larger keys. But this video makes the keys on the new keyboard and old 2013 keyboard look the same size

  2. I’m about to buy a 2013 15” MacBook Pro for $950(Cad) or approx $670(Usd) Is this a good deal or am I getting ripped off?

  3. Just replaced my top tier 2013 15" mbp battery at an Apple service. For 200€ I got a 10% larger battery than original, they changed the aluminium case, new keyboard, touchpad, the speakers are much clear and louder. Plus they replaced the thermal paste which makes it run super silent and it gained at least 30% more CPU power. It holds incredibly well and probably I will use it for 5 more years.

  4. i have a really weird question but I have a MacBook from 2012 8 gb rams but it seems like only 2 is usable what's wrong?

    I really hope u want to help with this one ive locked everywhere

  5. Waited 1 week for this video before I decided to sell my late 2013 mbp and buy 16". Now I've had it for a week.;)

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