2018 MacBook Pro vs 2013 MacBook Pro (Should you upgrade?)

Today we take a look at the Retina MacBook Pro (Late 2013) vs the MacBook Pro Touchbar (2018).

Latest Macbook Pro 15:

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Battery life wasn’t mentioned but was tested as:
2013: 4 hours 1 minute
2018: 5 hours 18 minutes

MacBook Pro Touchbar model ($2,399)
MacBook Pro Retina model ($2,599)

Intro 0:00
Size comparison 1:09
Ports 1:26
Touchpad/KB: 1:49
Display: 2:22
Sound: 3:00
Benchmarks/Temps: 3:29
Gaming Performance: 7:35
Conclusion: 8:45

2013 Macbook pro:



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49 thoughts on “2018 MacBook Pro vs 2013 MacBook Pro (Should you upgrade?)

  1. In depth discussions, nicely explained. Your accent is very good. I have already subscribe to your channel. I'm about to open my YouTube channel, wish me luck. Give me suggestions. Will you help me by subscribing my channel? 👍🇮🇳

  2. is this fckn real ? i can not believe that .jesus! how could 2013 be like 2018 they are so close each other.

  3. I have late 2013 Macbook Pro with i7 and is working fine except the cable is starting to wear and the battery is not like before. I was wondering whether to replace cable and battery or trade it in with a new MacBook pro. I think am going for the first option.

  4. Very informative, thank you. my late 2013 15" mbp screens lcd has broke and i was wondering whether to pay for a repair or get a new one. Had my baby throughout my graphic design course and did set me back £2400 at the time. Think im going to get the screen fixed and hang on a few more years. Still purrs and iv never had an issue with it (since christmas 2013). Looked after it so much and im gutted the screen broke but £200-£300 third party or £500-£700 though apple is still much less than £2000-£2600 for a newer model.

  5. Informative.
    I'm really trying to decide here whether I need a secondary 15" MacBook Pro or to go for a 13" Haswell rMBP with 16GB RAM. Leaning more and more towards the latter.

  6. Good job kid, very nice info and straight to the point. As long as you get the dedicated GPU on any 2013(LATE not Early), 2014, 2015 you are good. Intel Iris Pro is good, but definitely won't get you over the hump.

  7. you really should not be showing graphs not starting at 0…you're exaggerating differences for no reason…BAD!

  8. My man, what is wrong with your graphs? Stay consistent and use distinguishable colors between. Why are you changing graph colors every slide jesus christ

  9. Some people cry about RAM CPU upgrade bla bla bla. They have to upgrade every 3-4 years.The actual thing is We don't even use 40% power of 2013 Mac CPU in 2019. I have a Windows running in Parallelbox with a i5 4th Generation U series CPU with (8 GB RAM, 512gb SSD, It runs like butter even with a SSD. Really wtf a general user does in a Macbook ?? Lets say a student, The top selling target client of Apple. All we do is read fucking read-edits pdf, power point presentations, Latex, Matlab , programming, thats' all fucking we do. We don't need a high graphics, fucking huge madafakin RAM, or huge graphics power or anything. Even a Dual Core with SSD, 4GB will do just fine. People upgrade because they have money and they want to show off and they can. This is the only reason. Performance was and will be never a reason( No Sir, I do not want to madafakin slide to lower the volume i just want to fucking press a button to do that). Stop making people cripple. Let laptop be laptop. We need a portable Computer. Not a fucking portable pad. You already have that shit on the market. Losing all the ports, making a laptop complete portless, no magsafe, fucken converters, stupid anoying touchbar Otherwise a Fucking Macbook you can use at least for 10 years give or take. Now, if you say you edit, render shit,, then why the fuck you even have a laptop,, get a madafakin desktop for that high intense shit. Sorry for bad mouth.

  10. Hi there,we have macbook pro/air battery and charger for free trials .If anyone is interested ,please let me know

  11. 2015 would be the best one for now if you really want to have updates for the next 5 years but the best bang for the buck would be the 2014 imo. I’m not sure why but in Germany the 2013 model has the same price in the used market like the 2014 and sometimes even higher for some reason?
    Definitely going to buy one this summer because of SwiftUI which is just amazing for coding Apps.

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