2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with i7 processor – Thoughts After 1 Week!

AppleInsider dives right in to the 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro base model with a 2.2 6-core i7 Intel processor. We run down the new features and test a myriad of benchmarks.

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2018 15″ MacBook Pro:
2018 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar:

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2018 15″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar –
2018 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar –

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48 thoughts on “2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with i7 processor – Thoughts After 1 Week!

  1. Apple has just fixed 2018 MBP thermal throttling issues with a new update, so performance should improve! Subscribe so you don't miss out on our Before and After Bug Fix comparison!
    What do you think of the 2018 i7 15-inch MacBook Pro? Is this the sweet spot between the expensive i9 and the undersized 13-inch display? Sound off below!

    2018 15" MacBook Pro: https://bhpho.to/2NPHDvU
    2018 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: https://bhpho.to/2JjOKJC

    Price Comparison Guides:
    2018 15" MacBook Pro: http://www.prc.guide/jixz4mkJ
    2018 13" Touch Bar MBP: http://www.prc.guide/zZ9lv

  2. Is this comparable to 2016 15" 2.9 ghz quad core i7 (both 16gb ram)? I own a refurbished 2016 2.9 quad core i7 and I am looking for something slightly newer that fits my budget. Please advise.

  3. Hi!

    I'm a 15 inch Macbook Pro 2018 model user (with same specs as this laptop in your video) as well from the Philippines. I was hoping to ask would having an external GPU connected to my laptop be advisable as my laptop tends to slow down/lag most of the time as I am a heavy user of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro? Also, what affordable and compatible external GPU would you recommend me to buy?

    Hoping for your response.

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  4. 【On sale!!! 】Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 2.6GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Radeon Pro 560X, Space Gray (Mid 2018)


  5. No back lit key board? Wtf ? all that money and I can’t see when Im typing girl of girl? This is heart breaking wile doing the knuckle shuffle on my piss pump!?

  6. Apple really solved the heating issues? I am having heating issues after the updates. Earlier the issues occurs only photos editing but now it happing in normal web browsing and watching youtube.

  7. I want a laptop for unity game development and unreal engine too and for ai, ml, and other programming stuff so will a mac with radeon pro 555x, i7, 16 gb of ram, 512 gb of ssd be fine!? 2018 edition i guess! Or acer nitro 5 with ryzen be ?

  8. “Something every cpu must do”
    Is this what MacBook users tell themselves to justify spending this much on a computer that has thermal design flaws? Every cpu does not have to do this, for everyone out there that thinks macs can do know wrong. I have an Alienware 17R5 with a 6 core i9, pasted with Conductonaught. If I want that running at 5.0 ghz all day it can, and it will stay at around 75C at max load.

    Maybe he meant to say, “this is something that all mac cpus must do because our thermal design can’t handle the cpu”

  9. I'm very pleased with my new 2018 Mac Book Pro with the 2.2 6 core i7 processor. No keyboard problem. Only customized with a larger SSD drive, runs like a charm and I love the touch bar.

  10. I've been using a pretty terrible old Dell inspiron from like 2010 for several years now, and it makes photo editing near impossible (so I've had to use lightroom on my mobile device instead). I just ordered a 2018 15 inch MacBook pro with the i7, and I'm hoping it will work well for my needs and exceed my expectations (I also plan on using it for video editing and graphic design projects). I've never owner a computer from Apple, so this should be interesting. At any rate, it should be a massive upgrade from what I have. Lol

  11. Worst computer ever! That touch bar gimmick needs to go away! I need a new macbook pro, I have the 2014 and I WILL NOT buy the touch bar version.

  12. I know these laptops are expensive but they're really worth the money. I don't think I'll ever have another laptop besides the Macbook Pro. I'm still using my 2012 Macbook Pro and it's still doing just fine other than a few rows of fucked up pixels on the left side of the screen that popped up in the past few months. If I wasn't worried my screen would go out sometime soon, I'd probably not even be looking into getting another one just yet. Seven years of hardcore usage (five of those years were spent getting my graphic design degree and putting this computer through the paces with Adobe CC products) and only the screen has this new minor issue. Performance wise, it hasn't slowed down or anything since I got it. The only thing I ever did was upgrade my RAM from the default 4gb to 16gb back in 2014 I think. This computer has 100% been one of the best investments I've ever made.

  13. with his sign languages i felt like i was sitting on a flight watching air hostess telling me how to jump outta the plane

  14. the hand gestures make me so uncomfortable. the way MKBHD does it is way more natural – close up shots and pans

  15. Than enjoying this video i was imagining how little ridiculous your editing was and that was distracting man ! as i am getting my new Macbook i tuned in, some good information thank you – fully watched it …

  16. Hi! Thanks for your clear presentation.

    My friend is gonna purchase a Mac as his workstation. He often uses Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro for video & audio editing, though the workload isn't that heavy as he seldom tackles 4K clips.

    Which one would you suggest, the base model of 2018 15' MacBook Pro or the i5 model of 2018 Mac Mini with an extra piece of 8 GB ram, an eGPU (probably the RX560 to be comparable) & a magic trackpad 2? He has a 27' 2K monitor & a mac-compatible logitech keyboard.

    From online sources, both the performances & cost are not far away, with the MacBook option being higher in both the aspects. Some people say the mini without questions since he owns a monitor, but he's just not sure if the extra portability of the laptop is worth it as he may use it occassionally for movies when lying in bed. The main problem concerned is thermal throttling. I've heard that the mini is worse thanks to the single small fan, isn't it?

  17. Very good review, thank you for the education! however, it is odd to watch with the out of sync hand movements.
    It is a minor issue especially compared to the level of information you have provided.

  18. Please put caption into this video because I can't understand English video enough without caption.

  19. @7:00 it looks like "MacBook Pro" is part of the screen and the volume slider creates a gradient effect across it. I have a brand new 2018 15 MacBook Pro and that's not what it looks like on mine? Can you explain?

  20. I got the 2018 15 with the i7 because I don't see a need for the i9 and its cooking hardware out there. Also Ive done everything I have wanted to do with this laptop except game. Do not play games on this thing. It will cook itself. I bought an Alienware to compensate for gaming. Mac OS for everything else.

  21. I have one for one year and I needed it for my job. After 13 months of moderate- couple hours a day , use, screen started to flicker and I was unable to do anything about it. To add insult to injury apple store is asking $750 to fix that. Please do yourself favor and avoid this expensive peace of trash that would cost you much more than you are paying right now.
    Also while in apple store another customer brought in identical Mac book pro 2017 15”.5 retina laptop with identical problem and it was told same thing. They want $750 to repair it. Well done Apple, be ashamed of yourself

  22. What the fuck is happening… Am I listening to one review and watching another? Nothing you're gesturing even makes sense.

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