2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro: 2 years later

I bought my 15″ Touch Bar MacBook Pro 2 years ago, and today I want to reflect on those two years. The 2016 MacBook Pro is certainly controversial, so I’ll be giving my honest opinions on a machine that I genuinely like, despite some major flaws. The 2016 MacBook Pro both delights and offends me– offering great design and performance, but underwhelming graphics, horrendous repairability, and less than adequate cooling. Regardless of how you feel about the 2016 MacBook Pro and the precedent it set, its effect will be lasting and its not going anywhere anytime soon!

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49 thoughts on “2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro: 2 years later

  1. I want to emphasize something I think is really important from this video in case you didn't watch all the way to the end: If you are shopping for a 2018 quad core 13" MacBook Pro because it's less expensive than the 15", you NEED to look into the 2016 15". The CPU performance is very very similar, but the larger screen and massively superior dedicated graphics (to integrated Intel graphics) make this machine much more capable, and you can get them for less than a 2018 13". Definitely look into it!

  2. Thanks Luke. Was getting ready to spend over $2000 on a new MacBook, but decided to get a "like new" 2016 15" MacBook Pro 2.9GHz with 16GB/1TB for $1130 off eBay. I am extremely happy with it. You can't beat that price… well, you probably can! 😊

  3. Hey guys. Anyone watching this video in 2020 thinking of actually buying a 4 year old Mac book pro fully specced out I say go for it. The price is incredible for what you can find. I've been using mine no problem whatsoever. 2016 1 TB 16 GB RAM. Super good buy!!!! Love it love it love it! Plenty of space for storage, plenty of RAM for programs. I use multiple virtual machines with Parallels running, Linux and Windows 10. No issues at all whatsoever. Love it so much. I've had it for almost a year now and I've had no issues. I'm on the newest Mac OS Catalina, runs smoothly have all the features feels like a brand new Mac book. If you're looking on eBay always check for warranties offered by the seller or some sort of insurance. Protect your investment. And best of luck shoppers!

  4. Lol with Nividia GeForce Now it doesn’t matter how powerful the laptop is I can play (almost) any triple AAA game on ultra setting no problem it’s great !

  5. the 2016 macbook pro absolutely worst machine they ever made. i have been using this pc last three years. after the first year i had replaced keyboard and battery. after the months i just got some kind weird issues with the trackpad and they had changed logic board. finally last month im facing display backlight issues. so guys i’ll never recommend to buy 2016 to 2018 macbook pros

  6. So it's currently December 2019 and I finally decided to sell my 2013 Macbook Pro and get a new one (It runs and feels like new but the battery is shot and I am looking for something new) So right now I am trying to choose between 2 MacBooks. The first is the new 2019 MacBook Pro 13" with TouchBar. It would cost me 1,379 euros. It's really nice and obviously brand new but it only has 128GB of storage, 8GB of ram 2 ports and the 13 inch screen. My current Macbook has 256GB of storage and the 13" display seems a tat bit small. The second is a used 2016 Macbook Pro 15" with 500GB of storage, 16GB of ram, 4 ports and that big 15 inch display. It would only cost me about 1000 euros, but it would not be new and battery life could be questionable. Any suggestions?

  7. Should I get a 2016 MacBook Pro or a new one ?? I’ll be saving about a 1000 if I go with the 2016 but is it reliable??

  8. Before I tried macOS I was like:"ew it's apple so overpriced", but then I tried it. (2017 Macbook Air, dual-core i5) It was a fast (for a dual core compared for my windows laptop), and intuitive. So now I know for what people pay while buying apple products. But I still use Windows.

  9. how would this computer handle 1080 p footage with lots of effects, like masking, color, speed rampse etc, is the playback still smooth?

  10. I want to buy one for $ 1199, is it worth it? it still works well after 2 years? Thank you in advance for your answers

  11. still using the 2013 version you recommended in another video. 16gigs of ram with upgraded 512 ssd and being a 15 inch model. Couldn't have been happier.

  12. man… arguing Italics, Underline and Bold for touchbar… just use CMD + U/I/B… it's faster… -.-

  13. The work that you put into reviewing and discussing the Apple product line is definitely appreciated. Thank you Luke!

  14. "that you encounter every single day" – well friend, as someone who's been using this Mac for the past 2 years same as you – never once did I have any issue. Love the touchbar, love the specs, love the design. Laptop was able to handle everything I threw its way and still remains my favorite business tool. I also own a 2017 ROG Gaming laptop that's been highly praised by 90% of YT reviewers and I can't stand the plastic piece of crap that keeps crashing and lagging after a year of usage. I also own a decent desktop Windows gaming setup and it does what it needs to do.

    However – the cloud, the security, the features of the MacBook Pro (and any other Apple product) outlives and performs better more times than not vs. a Windows config.

    Windows is by no means bad – but for a business professional, Mac is and always will be the main weapon. Yes the dongles can annoy you, but since I'm all cloud storage, no USB user – nor I need to plug in anything in order to work – Mac is king.

  15. I purchased one of these when they first were introduced in October 2016, I have had the flexgate issue, $531 to replace the screen, (hoping for a recall for that issue so I can hopefully get some of that expense back) and as a reviewer of the Touch Bar, it is essentially a useless feature. Its an extra but has no real need, If I were to go back and order it again, I would have definitely opted for the non-touchbar version. it was $300 cheaper, aside from the screen issue, its been a pretty reliable machine.

  16. Just got my first keyboard repair, initially shocked by the top case replacement but wow, 2.5 years in and over 200 cycles and I get a fresh battery and new speakers after one of them blew. its renewed the machine in my eyes and all for free 👌🏻

  17. My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.

  18. Just sold my mid 2015 MacBook pro for a 2017 model. Looking forward to it but not dongle city. Also I'm a photographer so I'm high-key upset about the lack of an SD card port though. Other than that I'm excited for the better graphics and 7th gen CPU.

  19. Just swapped an ipad pro plus $1000 for a 3 month old 2018 15 inch base model macbook pro. it has only 10 battery cycles and is in mint condition. I love this laptop.

  20. How is the battery life after two years? I want to buy my first MacBook but im a little worried about the battery because is not replaceable

  21. Hi Luke could you please answer me a question? How about the flexgate? Did you encountered this problem?

  22. i think ALOT of people are getting their keyboards dirty on purpose now to get it replaced!
    i think this guy is probably one of them….

  23. Hey Luke, please report on the @ issue. We need apple to respond. Below is a video from iFixit. It seems to effect all Macbook pros (and possibly the new macbook air) from 2016 til today.

  24. Just bought the 15" MacBook Pro 2016 w/ Touch Bar i7 for $1300! I'm usually not one to spend money on an apple laptop but that was too good of a deal to pass off.

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