2016 13" Macbook Pro Review – How is This a Pro Laptop?!

Dave2D review of 2016 13″ Macbook Pro (Without OLED Touchbar) Covering build, gaming, video editing.
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32 thoughts on “2016 13" Macbook Pro Review – How is This a Pro Laptop?!

  1. NONE of their laptops should have the word Pro in the name. especially since you're paying more for less

  2. If I could add a star I would. Computer is exactly what I was looking for.ꉺ.ꉺ>JustU.Faith/Mac-Pro?造 The seller was honest when informing that the product was new. Would deffinatly buy from this seller again. So happy with my purchase!!! Thank You!

  3. You can make an argument on just about any macbook pro depending on preference. I happen to like mine, it’s an i7, 16 ram, touchbar, etc… and I prefer it over my 2014 Mb pro 15 i7 quad core. I don’t use all the ports because I don’t need to. Good review though.

  4. I think the one without the Touch Bar really isn't I think since then they have finally fixed the base model and it can finally be called a pro machine, but then again it did take until 2019.

  5. This isn't Pro This is Overpriced it hasn't a Graphics Card only a Dual Core i5 Prosessor and only 2× Times USB C / Thunderbolt 3 . USB 3 , SD Card Slot are missing ):

  6. Did u say it can’t edit 4K ? Why is it when ever I make my mind to but it something comes up and I leave it , well if it can’t handle 4K edits it’s not for me and my work

  7. Hi!
    May I know what is a wallpaper on a MacBook at 4:34 minute? Can you share a link to this wallpaper?

  8. It's ridiculous that you can't smoothly edit 4K video in Premiere Pro in any edition of the MacBook Pro. I guess their answer is to use Final Cut Pro, but that's a copout.

    Apple focusing on all the wrong shit as usual.

  9. This is a very PRO laptop for many "pro" users. Why you imply the Pro is just for Pro Gamers or Pro Videographers? For Pro Writers, or Pro Musicians or Pro photographers, or Pro Business people, or any people doing any activity Professionally and uses this Macbook pro as a daily driver, this more than enough laptop… You just can't judge this laptop as a Gaming laptop because it isn't . It is a laptop for people that are professionals in any sort of activity…

  10. Hi, I'm considering this one and Dell XP15 9550 i7,4K touch, 512 SSD.They're now in the same price. Could you give me some advise? I need to use Ps,Ai,Ae,… but not so complicated.

  11. Hi, I'm trying to figure it out what MacBook pro works for me as a illustrator, I use Adobe too, mostly Photoshop, illustrator, and sometimes after effects (but for a little things) so I ask if I buy this MacBook pro it would be ok for me, I don't use another heavy program, I don't video edition so with this especifics things, what do you think? I really appreciate your help! I can't find any review talking about this MacBook pro for illustration!

  12. I play mw3 on the MacBook pro 2017 and Batman Arkham city and they work perfectly with nooo lag

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