2015 15" vs 2019 16" MacBook Pro – Full Comparison!

How much has the MacBook Pro improved in 4 years? We compare EVERYTHING we can between the 2015 15″ and 2019 16″ MacBook Pros.
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Design Differences – 1:00
Comparing Ports – 2:15
Trackpad Size Comparison – 3:11
Keyboard Comparison – 3:48
Key Travel & Feel – 4:32
Display Differences – 5:16
Speaker Comparison – 6:27
Microphone Comparison – 7:50
Performance Comparison – 8:09
SSD Storage Speed Compared – 9:47
Prices & Conclusion – 10:04

Apple’s 2015 MacBook Pro is the model that a lot of creators have held onto after the release of the controversial 2016 MacBook Pro with solely Thunderbolt 3 ports.

In this video, we compare all of the little details between the old 2015 and new 2019 16″ MacBook Pros to see how much it’s improved.

We also look at performance and other factors to see if it’s finally worth upgrading to the 16″ from the old 2015 MacBook Pro.

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43 thoughts on “2015 15" vs 2019 16" MacBook Pro – Full Comparison!

  1. Have you held onto the 2015 15" MacBook Pro? Comment why below!
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  2. Very detailed review, only 1 thing it is not is: use build in speakers for music production – savage

  3. You're freaking kidding right? You think a music producer is going to use the built in speakers? Have you ever put on a decent pair of headphones on to see what youre missing?
    Fucking fanboys.
    As a PC user trying to decide which MacBook to get (for mobile video editing, as there are no good Linux solutions) people like this make it really hard. Not only do I have to pay attention to the videos, but I have to filter out all the fanboi bullshit.
    Every person ever says the keybords on the old ones are better… No person ever would produce music on built in laptop speakers. Is anything this guy says reliable when I know for certain some of it is bs? Fuck.

  4. im about to get a mid 15' but they are giving me options for OS's..10.11-10.15..any rec as to which one I should have installed? ty

  5. 1:37 "And another thing we noticed with this 16 inch is that it is slightly bigger than the 15 inch…"
    You. Don't. Say

  6. Finally someone who used geekbench 4 , thx 👍🏻 , now I can understand if it’s fast or slow

  7. Bought mine in 2016 I think, and still love it. I might change battery and upgrade the ssd to refresh it.

  8. So far from the limited videos I've seen from you , they are concise and informative. Recently purchased a used 15" 2015 Macbook Pro. Should be here today. Question, I want to run ON1, Lightroom, and maybe capture 1 Pro on it. How do I put it through its paces for operational ability? I have 14 days for full refund if it doesn't match up. Please advise, thanks.

  9. Nice video bro, but I don't think its a fair comparison. The hardware capacity is massively different if we devided the result of comparison per unit (per number of gb of ram, or per processor cores .. ) I think they will go even or with a slightly difference to the side of 2019

  10. I bought, and returned, a 2018 mbp. I found the "True Tone" display suffered from the same overly yellow effect that some Thunderbolt displays exhibited. the 2015 laptops have much more accurate colour. This reviewer isn't a designer. I kept my 2015 MBP.

  11. gastar mas de 2 mil dolares y no tiene usb y tengo que gastar mas dinero para comprarle adaptadores y poder conectar algo tan simple………por ese precio debe de tener todo.

  12. It would be great if you put the benchmark results images side by side instead of filming it one by one with a cam, we can't even compare without moving the video back. Thanks for the great video.

  13. I sold my 2017 MacBook Pro, 15 Zoll, 256 GB to downgrade to 2015 MacBook Pro, 15 Zoll 1 TB. One thing I hate the most is all the missing ports of Mac after 2015, once you attached it with those external ports, you will feel that you are dealing with a patient with many blood vessels, esp if you are doing it with your music devices.

  14. Im between getting a used 2015 macbook pro or a new matebook D15, i currently work on a 2011 imac can anyone help me?

  15. I have 2014 and 2015 15 MBPs and a 2015 13. I'm thinking of a 16 but don't need one right now (two computers gets the job done).

  16. If only they could put the 16 inch screen and trackpad into the old body with a couple of USB C ports thrown in we would have a true winner!

  17. This is a great review. I’m deciding between 2015 ($1000CAD) and 2019 ($3000CAD). In all ways I find the 2019 fits my needs more but my hesitation is that [1] the 2015 could easily stay strong another ~3 years; and [2] it seems that Apple is edging toward a full overhaul of MBP in the next 3 years. So: I want to invest in a solid computer to last 5-10 years and the 2019 is 100% perfect for my specific needs, But it doesn’t seem necessarily very future proof especially given how similar the specs are to the 2015 models. Anyone have any thoughts?

  18. wow they really did a good job with the speakers. you could barely hear the bass in the 15” but it sounds quite deep in the 16”

  19. i promise you no music producer or audio engineer worth their salt is using macbook pro speakers for their professional work, lmaooooo don't kill me man.

  20. Bla bla bla "New model is so much better because its new"
    I still prefer having the old model and a powerful desktop that you can get for the price of the 2019 model.
    I need a mac for some lighter work and use a windows desktop for everything that requires power. My desktop was $1000 and outperforms the 2019 MBP. The 2019 model is overpriced (it's a mac) and the ports suck because no one except hipsters actually uses them.

  21. Just ran a CPU test on my Mid 2015 Pro/16GB/1TB drive. Single-core came back 888 and Multi-core is 3215 — nowhere near what this video is showing. Am I missing something or is this just a bad result…and something needs fixing?

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