2014 RETINA MACBOOK PRO In 2018! (Still Worth It?


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This MacBook was my daily driver for so long, so how does the 2014 MacBook pro retina hold up in 2018? Let’s find out!

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26 thoughts on “2014 RETINA MACBOOK PRO In 2018! (Still Worth It?

  1. It arrived speedily💨>JustU.Faith/MacBook?式 Better than expected shape for a slightly used item. Power chord is brand new. So happy with our purchase!

  2. Ironically I can thank COVID-19 for the one I just purchased on Ebay. Manufacturer refurbished
    526.94. Without the 840$ a week I get on unenjoyment, I probably would never have gotten one. Arriving on the 13th of this month. For those of you that do have any year of the 13 inch Macbook Pro, I recommend the Logitech N550 laptop speaker desk. I had a 2010 I ending up selling because I could not get past the 1280×800 resolution. You can find the speaker desk on Amazon for around 20$. The sound is much better than tinny ole laptop speakers. Only wish the machine had more usb ports, but I have a good usb 3.0 hub that is slim and compact. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MacBook-Pro-Retina-13-inch-Mid-2014-Core-i5-2-6GHZ-8GB-128GB-MGX72LL-A/233502402542?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

  3. Recently bought a 2014 MacBook Pro 256 gig/8 gig. It's very fast, screen quality is amazing, battery life is good (I can watch about 5-6 hours of Netflix). Amazingly they're now selling for $150 more than I paid about a month ago (mine was $625 refurbished from Amazon + $75 2 -year protection plan). Bought a clear case for like $12 on Amazon. It lifts it up a tad and has vent holes which keep the temperature down.
    Only gripe : no Touch ID. Laptops had this feature back in 2007 or earlier.

  4. I just purchased this but the 256gb model for 450$ and I updated to Mac OS Catalina but it runs so smoothly I love it

  5. Considering I currently had a mid 2012 13inch MacBook and I was perfectly happy with the performance (other than the smaller size and non retina) I think Im going to be blown away by the new MacBook I recently bought that’s coming soon 🙂 Mid 15inch 2014 MacBook i7 2.2 with 16gb ram and 512 nvme ssd 😀 to say the least Im excited. Especially since I got a good ass deal on eBay for 350 for it.

  6. I want to purchase second hand Mack book pro 12 thousands so guys it is good or not kindly give your opinion

  7. 99% true, but just don't dismiss outright the 128GB like I just got 12/21/19. Its amazing and would not trade it for any brand-new netbook of equivalent price. If you need more external memory its cheap! Go Amaz0n! lol

  8. Macbook pro just wont spin up the fans! Even when the temperature go insane. Just download an app for that, it let u control the fan speed. It run alot cooler

  9. Apple product's always had long life and quality stayed the same also Apple supports stuff for longer then it should good example is my iPhone 5S which had been supported to this month and now i'm finally about to upgrade to iPhone 11

  10. I’m thinking of selling my 15 inch version of this Mac 16gb 500 gb of storage if anyone’s interested please comment below

  11. My friend gave me his because the screen wouldn’t come on after it fell on his floor my mom tossed it on floor thinking it didn’t work now screen comes on lol

  12. Just sold my macbook pro 13 2018 with a quad core, 16gb ram and got me a macbook pro 13 2014 for $250. Best financial choice as far as productivity goes for daily office use! I don't notice a difference in daily use.

  13. 0:34 The 2014 Macbook Pro looks better than the new 2018/2019 one's.

    Silver is better than space grey, plus they have ports(SD card slot, HDMI port, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt port, Magsafe power connector), a better keyboard, better build quality, and were affordable back in 2014 and 2015.

    I bought mine for £999.00 in 2014 and it still runs perfect, like new.

    Today the new Macbook Pros are over priced.

  14. they are holding their value because people are not giving up their ports, glowing apple, proper keyboard, and so many other things for a macbook that isn't much faster.

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