2012 RETINA MACBOOK PRO In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)


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This MacBook Pro Retina came out in 2012, so how does it hold up 7 years later in 2019? Let’s find out!

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34 thoughts on “2012 RETINA MACBOOK PRO In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

  1. I have this computer but I have the top of the line model. Its’s a 2.9 GHZ Dual Core i7, 8GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD. I paid $3,000 for it originally and it is still going almost 8 years strong in 2020!

  2. I have this MacBook (a slightly updated version) do your think it will get the next version of MacOS? (MacOS version after Catalina)

  3. I use a MacBook Pro Retina Late 2012 in 2019 and works excellent for AutoCAD 2019 and Photoshop CC 2018.

  4. Still have my 15in 2012 Retina MacBook Pro and it still works perfectly. I use it from time to time, still super fast and the display still looks amazing!

  5. Lol I only paid $100 for my 2012 macbook pro 13inch. But I did have to replace the battery but other than that im good!!

  6. I beleive the 2012 MP Retina was a still for sale up to 2016. So if you bought one in 2016, it's only 3 years old. My 2012 15' Retina 16gb ram, 512ssd is still a beast. Bought it used for $500.

  7. This is the computer I have! I’ve been using it for 6 years now! I got it freshman year of high school (fall 2013) and now I’m a junior in college. My roommate just got the newest MacBook and I really don’t like it.

  8. Hi all, DID THE TITLE SAY MACBOOK PRO 2012 RETINA?. WOAAAAH IT DOES. THIS LAPTOP IS THE BEST LAPTOP EVER I JUST BOUGHT MINE. It is such a perfect laptop.. I got mine all maxed out.. bought it used but it has an issue that when it heats up it will shutdown and the screen will be black but the laptop is rebooting until it cools down then screen will turn on. Please help need help fast. But dosent really matter cause it works great. With that i7 its a beast. LOVE THE COMPUTER. It doesn't loose everything like in the new MacBook pros. No lit up logo, Mag safe gone, keyboard problems. Will use this for a couple years gonna put in a new battery and just keep on using it. Using it to type this comment. I would get a 2015 feeling from it. Running the latest software yes a little bit of bumps but nothing to major. I'm upgrading from my plastic acer that had a (core 2 duo LOL) it was so slow it would not even connect to wi-fi. The MacBook is a huge upgrade. Yes I got it on craigslist for $280 with a charger. It is a 15" fully maxed out. My budget was $500 but the 15" was expensive on my area of craigslist. But just found this maxed out thing and bought it. LOVE IT! BET FOR ANOTHER 7 YEARS. Goes great with my iPhone xs. Recommend this thing in any ways. Made from Steve jobs help not tim cook (rip usb ports). My friend had a 2019 and the thunderbolt port broke. Apple did not repair it. Recommend you buy it in any ways.

    Good day

  9. Hi. Does the macOS Catalina Safari, now support VP9 encoding? Can Safari now play 4K, 5K, 8K and higher @60fps HDR?

    Also does the Activity Monitor now, also monitor the performance of the graphics card?

    Thank you in advance.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  10. There shouldn't be an "oldest supported macbook" I'm using a 2009 thinkpad edge and I chucked an ssd in there and it's running windows 10 like a charm

  11. I have a MacBook pro retina late 2013 (13 inch) but I upgraded the ram in it before buying it on apples website and it still runs like new I love it! I'm waiting for the next MacBook pro redesign because of the keyboard problems and the stage light/ribbongate problem. 😊

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