16-inch Macbook Pro i7 Vs i9 Macbook Pro

In this video, I am putting head to head the 16 inch i7 Macbook Pro Vs the i9 Macbook Pro to see which model you should purchase for your needs. ►⏩►⏩ Check specs and pricing in the links below…

►►► 16in Macbook Pro – i7 – ( )
►►► 16in Macbook Pro – i9 – ( )

The results may surprise you. When I first put these two processors head to head I expected a far bigger difference between the i7 and the i9, but due to certain parameters (discussed in the video it makes more sense to me now.

I had some people from the Ben G Kaiser Crew request this video, so here it goes!

This is the head to head battle between the 16-inch i7 Macbook Pro Vs i9 Macbook Pro.


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39 thoughts on “16-inch Macbook Pro i7 Vs i9 Macbook Pro

  1. Thnks this is great review.. Im using imac 5k i5 late 2014 with 16 ram.. Does it will make alot of improvement to macbook 16 i7, or not much because imac is more powerful than macbookpro. Help me decide please.

  2. I don't know if you still answer questions, but I use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom often at the same time. Since my MacBook is getting too slow now (5,5 years old) I'm looking at the new 16 inch. How much VRAM do I need for my needs? Is the 5300 4GB good enough or is the 5500 8GB necessary?

  3. I can't open the links properly, can you tell me the specs of each model please! I need a buying decision

  4. I’m thinking of buying the base model 16 inch with 32 GB RAM. Will this be powerfull enough for Sony a6400 4K footage in FCPx? and if i want to use DaVinci resolve for the Same purpose, is the 8GB VRAM GPU a necessity for that?

  5. What about battery life? You would think the i9 would have worse battery life as it’s more powerful and has more cores. Can you confirm?

  6. Hi, Could you help me with deciding on which 16in to purchase, i do some photography, photoshop , music and some graphic design. Would you recommend the base or base w/higher spec 32 gb 1tb or the higher end 16in with 32b? ( mind you I'm coming from an early 2011 MacBook pro that has been working fine but is now too slow)

  7. What I want to know is, with day to day use is the i9 just a bit snappier downloading webpages, opening applications and such. Honestly not having to wait that extra second for a web page makes more of a difference to me than rendering a clip. I’m going to walk away from a clip while it renders regardless. But I have to sit there for an extra second while a page loads it just makes the experience way less seamless.
    So, is it different in that respect?? I’d love to know. Thanks!

  8. Help me Out,am an amateur photographer,i edit a lot on adobe lightroom and photoshop and mayB some music and 1-2 tabs on safari.
    With the i7 feel like beast or i should go with the bigger more expensive i9

  9. Hey, i need the mac for normal use, like researching and writing articles. Will i7 be slower than i9 in those aspects? Should i go for i7 or i9?

  10. Hey man any thoughts between i7 base model vs i9 base model for music production!! Does it worth the extra money? Please please answer..

  11. hey som I'm considering getting the 16 inch and i'm just going to do some video editing, DJing and a bit of gaming. Is getting the I9 model worth the upgrade due to the better graphics and more space?

  12. Thank you so much for this information. Im not a professional video editor. Im so glad that i went for i7

  13. thank you for the review, Ben! one of couple people there who actually talk about editing/timeline and playback experience witch is the most important for me and many others. Since you tested both – base and your configured model i what to ask:
    if i edit mostly 4k from sony a7iii and i dont care about render and export times that much, the editing experience in larger (lets say 10 minutes) projects with effects and color grade. do you need to playback in 1/2 or even 1/4? is it laggy? and would it be wort to spent extra 1000 usd?

  14. Did I get you right, your i7 is hotter and louder than the i9? I just saw an other video where was said that the 6-core i7 is using ~10W less. So the fans run slower, it keeps cooler and has longer runtimes… 🤔
    So I decided to go with the i7 because the speed differences seem to be not so extreme but cooler, quieter and longer runtimes are important to me.🙂

  15. I feel like mine is throttling. I export videos and the clock speed drops down to 1,80-70 ish. This can´t be right and temperatures peaks at 98C and then the fans takes that heat out wich brings it down to 80C but as it does, it also drops the clock speed. I love the computer but this is just fckin with me. I will check export times tho. Other than that it scores top notch in cinebench, geekbench and all other tests.

  16. I have a question..
    what ist better for Final cut 4K-fhd120fps Video edeting With Transitions some Color Grading and Sound Effekt design. And Photoshop and Maybe some Ae.
    MacBook Pro 16 / i7 16 gb 512ssd 5500m 8 gb
    iMac 5K /i5 8-32gb Radeon Pro 580X 8gb 512ssd
    Thank you maybe you have a better Option with the max Budget 2700dollar/€

  17. Hey Ben awesome content and thanks a ton for sharing your video. I am thinking of buying this laptop in the next 2 to 3 days. I live in India and we only have 2 options for this laptop. They are 2.6GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz) and 2.3GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 processor (Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz). I am totally confused as I am trying to get into video editing by using Final Cut Pro. I would really appreciate because I am not a tech nerd. Thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon. BTW i just subscribed to your channel. Peace!!

  18. Macbook 16" with core i9 :- I am very powerful
    Razer blade 15 with i7:- hold my faster video rendering

  19. i need help choosing the configuration ill be using programs that use alot of gpu (like renderer lumion, 3ds max etc) so is it better to go for 16" i7 with 5500m 8gb or stick to the base i9 with 5500m 4gb, thank youu
    my current laptop is the 2015 retina display macbook i7 and radeon m370x 2gb

  20. Is the base configuration a good buy? Also if not, what spec would you recommend we upgrade between the ram, graphics card etc?

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