15 Touch Bar Tips and Tricks for MacBook Pro

New to the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro? Watch these 15 handy tips and tricks to get quickly acclimated to Apple’s newest MacBook Pro innovation.

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23 thoughts on “15 Touch Bar Tips and Tricks for MacBook Pro

  1. I moved from an October 2013 Macbook pro to this in July, and could not be happier◇.◇>JustU.Faith/Mac-Book?傑 It's lighter, faster, and has a better screen than my previous machine◇.◇> The trackpad is an absolute joy to use. It turns every other brand's attempt into a silly toy at best and an enormous frustration at worst.

  2. Interesting technology and features BUT not as cool as having a touch bar with option to flush my toilet, turn on/off my lights, controls for massage chair and surround sound, and also covid test button. Yawn!

  3. Thanks!…….. your making my life as a Mac owner a lot easier!……🙂👍✌️🇨🇦🍻👋

  4. I wish you could configure the screenshot button so it would simply take a full screen screenshot instead of opening the screenshot manager

  5. Is there any way to make permanent a particular touch bar? for example, I want to have fixed the zoom touch bar independently I move amongst other full screen applications.

  6. I wish they had the touch bar as an independent peripheral or a keyboard model with it built in. i use my MBP with 3 monitors, and an apple keyboard and mouse, about 95% of the time, such a waste because it's so nice, but placing the MBP on my desktop and my middle monitor that high to clear the MBP's monitor, just isn't going to work.

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