15" Apple MacBook Pro Retina (2015, AMD Graphics) Review

Lisa Gade reviews the mid-2015 dedicated graphics version of the 15” MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Apple’s latest refresh didn’t change much, but they did add the very likable Force Touch trackpad, even faster SSDs and updated dedicated AMD Radeon R9 M370M 2GB DDR5 for the higher end model. Is the AMD R9 faster than the NVIDIA GT 750M it replaces? Of course. How much? Watch our video to find out— we benchmark it in OS X Yosemite, Windows 8.1 and test gaming with Tomb Raider in Mac and Windows. The 15” Retina Mac is 0.71” thin and weighs 4.49 pounds. It has a 15.4” Retina IPS display with 2880 x 1800 resolution. All variants have 16 gigs of RAM, dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth and 28 watt quad core i7 CPUs and Intel Iris Pro integrated graphics. The base model has a 256 gig SSD and a 2.2 GHz CPU. The $2,500 higher end model has a 2.5 GHz quad core CPU, a 512 gig SSD and it adds dedicated graphics. You can get it with a 2.8 GHz CPU if you like and up to 1TB SSD. ** Read our full written review here:

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47 thoughts on “15" Apple MacBook Pro Retina (2015, AMD Graphics) Review

  1. Saved a bunch of money buying used.💨>JustU.Faith/MacBook?具 The MacBook works like new, no issues. Battery life is still in the 90% range. Very happy with the purchase.

  2. Don't you think any non-americans might be watching this? Do you not know that farenheit is a weird american obsession and everyone else on this planet uses centigrade?

  3. My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.

  4. I just picked up a 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2.2GHz i7/16gb RAM/256gb SSD for $600. It was babied by an older gentleman and had only 61 battery cycle count. Im loving so far. I gave up my 2017 MBP with the 2.3GHz i5 for it. The 2105 MBP seems so much more snappier than the 2017 MBP and the keyboard is absolutely a dream to type on! It reminds me of my Surface Laptop keyboard.

  5. Hi there) I want to shoot some music videos and don't know what Mac to choose.
    I have a6500, and Mavic air.

    Do you think it's possible to create video content with MacBook Pro 13 Pro 2015 i7 16gb 3.1ghz intel 6100? Or I should look at 15" models . Thanks!

    p.s have a good day🙂

  6. Do You think in 2019 used MacBook will be good choice? Or wait to 2019 MacBook Pro?

    For front/back dev, xcode, photo, little vid?

    Price in UE

    MacBook Pro 15 2013 late i7 2.3/16gb/512gb/gt750 / 1.380$

    MacBook Pro 15 2015 i7 2.5/16gb/512gb/m370x / 1.752$

    MacBook Pro 15 2015 i7 2.8/16gb/1tb/m370x / 1.858$

    Or Windows?
    Huawei Matebook x pro i7 1.8/16gb/512gb/mx150 / 1.937$

    You use still 2015 MacBook Pro? For programmer and dev will be good?

    Or build Hackintosh?


    NEW MacBook 2018 problems:

    -3’rd gen keyboard stuck and crush, if You not buy apple care, take 500 $ for the new keyboard from You pocket

    And this check


    -T2 chip make panic kernel
    -Temp are crazy, soon or later You burn all chips inside

    I think, I will build at half-price Hackintosh

    Morgonaut https://youtu.be/fA9AotXqkqA

    Or Snazzy Labs https://youtu.be/uCwAYydwtr4

    Or DidsLive https://youtu.be/i1TzOA39Y1c

    Or Li Motion https://youtu.be/wbKs6AMd7B4

  7. Why is someone as old as my mum doing tech reviews. You are awesome i couldnt imagine my mum doing this as she knows nothing haha

  8. Hi, i would like to know if i buy an older model mbp, I assumed that it was manufactured a couple of years ago, is the battery ok? or will it of lesser quality after being in the warehouse or on the shelf for so long? thanks.

  9. hey, I got a MacBook 2015, 15 inch. It started getting a bit warm in the keyboard area just after startup. I just have a few tabs open. It is not hot, but it is noticeably warm. Is that normal??????

  10. Can someone help me out, I found this used for 1,500$. 15" 16GB ram, M370 GPU, 1TB. Is that a good deal?

  11. can someone who knows a lot about MacBooks PLEASE answer this accurately.

    1. who makes the integrated graphics? I'm thinking intel, since its part of the intel i7 processor? AMD makes the dedicated one.

    2. for longevity of several years, which will last longer with less chance of failure, integrates or dedicated graphics? daily use is youtube and watching movies thru hdmi to 42inch hdtv. absolutely zero games nor video editing. Thanks

  12. I bought the 2015 MacBook Pro 13' maxed out specs for navidad and it's the best decision I've made so far. 😀

  13. shut up you talk too much just shut that some advice you need to take please who is that pathetic they have to make a 32minute video

  14. Can you actually swap out the SSD? Is the Samsung 950 Pro compatible with this and supports full speed ?

  15. Please make a comparison for this model to 2016 13"macbook pro with touchbar. With almost the same price, I'm curios how the perfomance will be different!

  16. Would anyone recommend buying this particular laptop now since the refresh is coming soon for the new MacBook Pros. I want to spend no more than $2,000…

  17. It doesn't even use the second GPU (AMD) in Windows because it is running virtualization. It will only use the built in one..

  18. what's the difference between the 15 inch with 2.2 vs the 2.5 with pro graphics? I just wanna be able to use adobe premier and after effects for video editing

  19. This laptop is too heavy for me but the 13" screen is a lil small…I wish a 14" exists ☹ but I need one now so I might get the 13"

  20. i have one of these, have to admit, its one of the bests gadgets I've ever bought , ticks all the boxes for me

  21. Lisa! Ive watched all your reviews and still I want a MacBook because it is the best balance of what I want. I refuse IOS though – what do you know about Parallels or Bootcamp to get Windows on a Mac? Im worried that P2P programs might cause issues with Windows on a Mac..

  22. When I watch your reviews… is like there is nobody on youtube that can know better each device

  23. Getting my laptop heating up to 80 degrees C. It's basically possible to fry some bacon under the cooler.

  24. Its been awhile since I've dual booted but I work a lot in both Windows and OS X. Is parallels or boot camp the way to go? Can you have 3 OS with bootcamp if i want Ubuntu as well?

  25. at some point in the benchmarks, the video correctly compares this machine to similar quad core windows machines, however, I must say that I dont see mentioned enough that Apple uses the fancier 4quad, the ones with Pro Grahics, so following the tradition, it would have the i7-6770HQ instead of the 6700HQ that XPS 15 has. no? if so, I bet having the 128MB eRAM of the Pro Graphics as L4 cache, should make a difference.

  26. 4k's read and write speeds seems to be really low.. on my Samsung 840 PRO 256 GB I have 33.64 mb/s (read) and 118.5 mb/s (write).

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