12" Macbook A1534 DEAD how to fix COMMON FAILURE!

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34 thoughts on “12" Macbook A1534 DEAD how to fix COMMON FAILURE!

  1. the 2012 mini mac is robust as hell. When i first started repairing macs in 1990 they were more reliable than PC's but now they are so flakey

  2. I’m having the exact same issue and being quoted almost €900 (which I don’t have) to fix this. I’m not sure what my options are. My computer is two and a half years old. I’ve taken it to Apple at least four times for other defective issues like sticky keys. I’m not sure what my rights are legally. Could you please assist?

  3. I just ordered a U4700 from store.rossmanngroup.com, the finest place to shop for all your U4700 needs! BTW if you forget the 2ND n in Rossmann, it redirects to a website infected with malware, probably Apple trying to shut down Louis's customers.

  4. I have the same problem, usb draws 5v 2A. Does replacing this ic fix my issue? or needs more diagnosis. Thank you

  5. My Macbook 12 inch / early 2016 model just died last night. I was browsing and all of a sudden the screen froze and nothing could unfreeze it. Pressing the power key for several seconds to turn it off didn't work. Tried it again and the screen went dark. The Macbook was plugged in and fully charged. I tried everything to get the Mac to restart, unplugged, plugged back in, tried to reset the SMC, etc. Let it rest overnight. Nothing. It's dead. I do not have an extended warranty and this Mac is 3 years & 3 months old. Worth getting it fixed?

  6. So for us non-engineers who don't work with computer boards, circuits and the like, exactly what is the repair? What part needs to be replaced and is this something a Mac repair person or company can easily do?

  7. As soon as my A1534 starts, I get stuck at the password screen and I cannot do nothing there. Suddenly a "no keyboard detected" messagge appears. Also the trackpad doesn't work (as the cursor stays fixed in the corner).

    I have replaced both the 2 trackpad flex cables with new brand ones. I have replaced also the trackpad. The issues remain. What might be the more likely problem according to you, Louis ?

  8. I'm from Brazil, it doesn't make sense to send you my macbook for repair. I'm pretty good in soldering and I've already made a few service in notebook's motherboards too. I just need to access to the schematic to repair ir correclty. It's for repair my own macbook (non-commercial use). Can you give me the info I need to repair my mackbook (you dont need to share the schematic, only the 2 or 3 info I need)? If so, please, answer me how.

  9. Mine 2017 macbook 12 inch has problems with the ssd (i think). system cannot detect the SSD eventhough i try to restore via web recovery.

  10. gonna attempt this next week when i get my microscope(the fuse has 5.02V) and when the new chips arrive from store.rossmangroup.com 😉

  11. I have the same problem with a 2015 model, still struggling to fix it. When I turn it ON, it starts loading and gets stuck there never boots completely. Any help please?

  12. I have the 12 inch MacBook (older one). When I boot it up it gives me a question mark with the folder. Issue is I took it to Apple who quoted me over $500 for repair. They say that the logic board is messed up. I told them that I think it’s an issue that the wire from the hard drive to wherever it goes it loose. They wouldn’t listen. The MacBooks been sitting idle for months in my room. I started it up for the hell of it after a few months and it booted up just fine. I went to type in my pw and I forgot it. So I clicked on reset pw w iCloud online. And boom. The folder w the question mark came back. Wtf do it do?!

  13. Hey, I bought the part and had a technician replace it, my MacBook was heating while charging but wasn’t turning on, before the part was replaced. Now my MacBook is neither heating, nor is it turning on, what can I do?

  14. Hi I would like to ask if my Mac 12” problem was MLB faulty, can it be fixed? Or can I recover my data from the laptop? 😭

  15. Check this link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143184957933?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  16. I’ve developed a better way to do this. I claim the keyboard is damaged send it in under extended repair program get them to open the machine and replace the keyboard then they accept the liability for the broken machine. I’ve gotten this repair done by Apple under warranty five or six times and twice I got them to comp me $200 in stuff from their website in the process.

  17. My screen flashes and goes completely dark if I put the bottom plate screws in. Anyone else encountered this? I this a CPU repaste, all went well just can't put the bottom screws in or the screen dies. Thanks

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