【Ridin’ Club】 Ep.2 – 인간 라이딩 | NCT DREAM Riding Battle

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26 thoughts on “【Ridin’ Club】 Ep.2 – 인간 라이딩 | NCT DREAM Riding Battle

  1. Watching dreamies is such a mood, you are better go to many variety show…you are very funny boys…😂😂😂

  2. Nana: WOW! Fantastic! Super Fantastic!

    I agree, this is really super fantastic. I enjoyed watching this episode.. They are really crackheads. Rensung part is so funny (the mOst enjoyable part) even they did not do anything.

  3. I like seeing Chenle this happy, AND I also missed his dolphin laugh very much.😆🥰 😂 And there’s also enough MinLe/JaemLe moment to satisfy me. 🤩 All in all, this video really made my day better. 😋😄

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